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Our High Quality Services


We are leading manufacturers of home essentials. We make high quality 2 ply and 3 ply tissue paper, serviettes, sanitizing and washing detergents as well as hand wash.


We are also distributors of cleaning essentials like soap, detergents, bleach gloves, paper towels, bathroom cleaners,

Information Technology

As the world grows more and more connected, transitioning to 3G and 4G and ultimately to 5G, the Ashkenazi group has heavily invested in IT. We have a dedicated R&D and technical support team. We are vendors of ERP software for small businesses. We also create and manage websites for other companies and individuals, handle network security and audit issues and provide IT consultancy to businesses.

Market Research

Ashkenazi group has a dedicated team of researchers to do market research. We have clients both in the private and public sector, private companies, NGOs, parastatals and government agencies.
As part of Business strategy, our research gives you insights on markets; both general and specific customers, Trends, SWOT and PEST analysis etc.
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We collect data and present it for informed and quick decisions.


We also offer advertisement services through our strategically located screens. We help give you visibility and we also do brand management. We also help create advertising content like short videos, posters and website pop ups.


We offer consultancy service through our market research arm. Our data analytics will help your business of organization in making insightful decisions. We also offer consultancy on business strategy, how to handle competition, market strategies for new and existing markets, corporate governance etc.


We have also recently ventured into e-commerce through our knot platform. We have an avenue that links buyers to sellers as well as a site that does deliveries.

Waste Handling And Recycling

We are also experts in waste handling and recycling. We offer garbage collection services for both commercial and residential premises. Being an environmentally conscious company, we work towards recycling most of the waste. We buy and recycle waste papers. If you have used office papers, shredded paper, cartons (brown paper, old newspapers etc).
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We also buy plastics in the following grades- PET, HDPE and PVC. This includes used water and beverage bottles, old buckets, pipes etc.